Printing & Paper

Minimal abrasion from dry ice cleaning leaves surfaces undamaged and with no moisture, ready for use.


Ideal for sensitive projects where water would cause problems and sandblasting would damage the original surfaces.


Precision and heat sensitive equipment remains safe with dry ice cleaning. No contaminant disposal costs.

Ovens & Furnaces can be cleaned while still hot as no steam is created using dry ice.
The minimal abrasion of dry ice cleaning means that tools, dies and moulds last longer and makes cost effective sense.
General Use
Dry ice cleaning is perfect for inside use as no wet floors are left behind. Debris can be simply swept away!
High mobility makes dry ice cleaning perfect for local authority use.

A superior alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

KÄRCHER’s range of dry ice blasting machines set new standards in surface cleaning. The ice blasting process provides exceptional cleaning results while offering many additional benefits to traditional cleaning methods. The blasting process is non-abrasive, eliminates the requirement for chemicals or solvents, leaves no wastewater or wet surfaces, and can cut cleaning times considerably.

The KÄRCHER range consists of two units, which are designed to tackle different cleaning tasks. The powerful IB 15/80 is perfect for larger jobs, while the IB 7/40 has been specially designed to run from a smaller air supply therefore making it ideal for use with in-house compresses air systems. Subsequently cleaning can be carried out anywhere a compressed air outlet is available.

Ice blasting can be utilised in many environments and on many different contaminants. Some examples include; oils, greases, resins, glues, graffiti, chewing gum, paint and ink, silicone, rubber, plastics and carbonised products.